Smart Tools for
Milling & Fishing

Data Driven Downhole, D3, provides E&P companies with thru-tubing tools and smart surface equipment backed by OpsViewer and other intelligent devices that drive value and gain efficiencies via data-driven optimization.

About Us

Bringing new data-driven tools to market with a means to take advantage of the latest technology

Tool Hands Trained
to Understand Data

Our tool hands are specifically trained in the use of OpsViewer and other optimized systems enabling them to make data-driven decisions and assess quantitative tool performance and KPIs

Transparent Tool Provider

D3 is the first "fully transparent" tool provider. We share all pre-testing data, measure tool preformance and troubleshoot jobs using the composite data avaiable in OpsViewer

Driving Optimization & Efficiency Gains

D3 works to avoid unnecessary tool runs, to increase tool performance and eliminate wasted time and cost from other service providers

How We're Different

We troubleshoot jobs using data from OpsViewer, not just a best guess.


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OpsViewer is a data-visualization and collaborative workspace SaaS platform designed specifically for oil & gas completions. It is unique in its ability to aggregate data and job context from all vendors on location to display data collectively through a single user interface.

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